Richard Hedges, born 24th May 1993, is a 16 year old unqualified web designer. Hoping to become more noticed in the business, he is trying to get more and more projects each day both trying to get his name out there, and to improve his skills.

After just finishing his GCSE examinations, Richard is now trying to get a business running along side a friend QueenZ. (You can see his url on the home page)

Richard is hoping to go onto Sixth Form College at his current school Sudbury Upper School & Arts College, and will study ICT, Applied Business, Graphics, and Geography.
Obviously Applied Business and ICT are to do with Computers and Business, which should help Richard in the near future with a carreer. Graphics is obviously for the design part of things, linking in with ICT for Web Design. Geography is just something to study which Richard enjoys, to get away from all the hard work when he needs to.