Hey guys and girls!

I recently finished a social networking website the other day, and I just need to get it advertised now 😉 I really should have advertised it whilst it was in development… But anyway, it’s done now and I think I should write a post about it…

Ok so firstly, what is a social networking website?
Well, you heard of those big popular sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo? (Some more are Tagged, Netlog etc..) It’s one of those!
I was actually told by my cousin, (I also now believe this) that Facebook had already won the social networking war.. They are just so far ahead!

Despite all this, I have created my own and hope to get it popular, if not I will try and think of something new, and win any kind of war it could have once finished the development, but to save the war from happening it just needs to be something original..

Anyway, enough with me blabbering on!

If you want to check it out, head on over to the temporary domain at www.poppage.the-sketch.net! And don’t forget to invite friends 🙂


Thanks, Gomon!