Have you seen all those annoying little websites on the net saying ‘Sign up to earn money online in minutes!’?? They’re annoying eh?

As annoying as they are, some are very helpful! A few days ago a friend of mine told me about this website called Bux.to, It’s a click per pay website which you earn money from when you click ads. However, you can only earn $0.01 per click, which obviously takes some time to earn quite a bit of money. Wait! Don’t go!! You haven’t heard this rest yet …

If you refer people, you can also earn money for everytime they click ads. So lets say you refer 20 people, and everyone of those 20 people click the ads each day. That gives you an extra $0.20 for each ad. So if there are 10 ads on that particular day, you will earn an extra $2.00!! And then if you add your own profit, thats $2.10.

So refer 40 people, and you will be earning $4.10 a day. Okay, so it’s still not much, but wait, there aren’t always 10 ads, sometimes there infact about 15, okay so only 5 more, but considering you have invited 20 or 40 people, thats quite a lot of extra cash coming your way!

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $10.00, but seriously, when you refer as many people as I have, you can make $10.00 in a day !!

I currently have invited 100+ people, which obviously gives me a lot more money at a quicker rate.

There are plenty of online programs like this, but some are scams, so I have taken the liberty of checking a few for you incase you want to sign up to more than one!

All of which are free to sign up to, and all have a different Minimum Withdraw Limit, so not all are a minimum of $10.00 like Bux.To!

This really does work, and not a Scam, I only help people on this Blog seeing as it’s a FAQ Blog.