Over and over there are people arguing whats best, Mac or Vista?
And quite frankly, it’s getting quite boring.. Maybe you’re feeling the same? I don’t know, but either way, someone has asked me to post my views etc on goMON’s Blog, so being fair, I thought i would 🙂

Firstly, I love the look of Mac’s, but the only problems with them are that..

  1. They cost so much
  2. Most of the Software I use only supports Windows
  3. They take some time getting used to for people who have never, or rarely used one.

I said they cost so much, but I am however in love with the Mac Book’s, and really want one. So instead of buying the latest Macs, I am going to buy the normal MacBook soon, which cost about £699, which is quite cheap considering their specs, and considering the fact that the other MacBooks cost a hell of a lot more.

iMacs are also getting cheaper, they are infact now £799, which is quite cheap as I say considering the other products Apple have. They do their job fantasticly well, which as most (nearly all) of you should know is you play, and edit Music etc, because they are specifically made for music.

Apple Mac Pro’s also cost a lot of money, but are they worth it? Well, I am using them in my Music Technology Course at school, and it runs sweet, and does it’s job well… But, it’s a School Mac, so ofcourse it will do it’s job well, because all the irrelevant stuff was uninstalled, and the software needed was installed… Sure, you can do that with your own Mac Pro, but ofcourse you have to do it yourself, which takes time, and if you don’t know much about Mac’s, then you will probably struggle!!

This very well is a big disadvantage to Mac, and an advantage to Vista/Windows, but Vista also has it’s down points, infact a lot of them at that!

Many Vista users were unhappy with their product, and I am one of them… Yeah, it’s great, it’s future technology, but is it really what I wanted?

  1. It’s very secure – Too secure infact!!
  2. Yes, it’s stylish, but can get very boring very quickly, so I end up installing some Skinning Software which sucks at my RAM.
  3. You have to manually configure some software just to get Vista to realise that it is not ‘bad’ software. For example, I have Peer Guardian 2, and when I start my PC it should load up, but Vista blocks it thinking it is a Trojan or Virus, or something that will harm my PC. Which sucks because I then have to manually allow it to run, and I have to do that each and every time.
  4. Whenever you want to install some Software, or go into C:\Windows or C:\Program Files, there may be a dialog box coming up saying Continue – Cancel, or a different one saying Allow – Cancel.. This is part of Vista’s Security tools, yeah atleast you know something is being Installed, or something is accessing C:\, but! If you have a Virus or Trojan, the Warnings dont come up!! Which really sucks, because that means the Security tools are just slowing you down when you are trying to do stuff, and it’s letting the Viruses and Trojans straight through.

I’m sure you can see that currently I have a lot of hatrid for Windows, because they really messed up when they built Vista, they should have left it at XP!

I suppose it’s a bit like Windows ME. Or infact a bit like a Gaming problem me and a friend have. Since Counter-Strike Source has came out, I played that rather than 1.6, which obviously before Source came out everyone played 1.6, but as I say, I have been playing Source ever since. But many Counter-Strike players believe that Valve messed up when creating Source, because they believe 1.6 is much much better!

Overall, if I was suggesting what to get out of Mac or Vista.. I’d suggest XP! Because Mac costs a fortune, and Vista just really sucks, and is not worth the money…