I have just recently updated the design of goMON’s blog, as I thought it was getting a little old!

I am hoping to move this Blog off the wordpress.com free service so I can give you more features to use, and a lot more help if needed! So please donate to me as much as possible so I can do so.

If you have any comments and suggestions please do tell me via email at gomon@hotmail.co.uk!! I would be very greatful for either. Also, I will not be able to edit much of the design because, as I say, this is from the free wordpress.com service, so as soon as I can get it on a web host (which I will be building the blog myself then), then I can edit it to what I like and how I like.

Future Plans:

  • Create this Blog into a Blog and a Forum!
  • Remove it from the WordPress.com Free Services, so I can have it on my own server etc.
  • Make the Blog a lot more functional, easier to contact me and ask questions etc.
  • goMON’s Blog Radio – I can do this now, but I would like to keep it all together, and with the WordPress.com free service there is no way of doing this, also I wouldn’t have time to DJ on it myself.

As I say, donations will be very thank ful, and thanks in advanced if you do decide to donate 🙂