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First off.
Login to your account at with the Username and Password you used to create your account.
Then once logged in, click Radio Installation, then in the Broadcaster Password, type the password you want to use that you need to enter to start your Broadcasting once you are Set Up.
Then, in the Admin Password bit, type in the password you want to use to access the Admin Page whilst broadcasting.
In the Radio URL bit, type in the radio name, or the url that you want people to use to be able to listen to your radio.
Then click Install.

When the next page loads, choose the server from the given list.
Depending on where you live, preferably choose the closest Server to you!

If it comes up with an error like: Warning: mysql_connect. Don’t worry, just install the Radio again by doing the same steps that you just done.

Now, under your Radio Name, it should say either radio status: on, or radio status: off.
If it says radio status: off, then click the button where it says turn on/off. Then click Turn On.
It should now say radio status: on.

Great! Your Radio is officially turned on!
Okay, now..
Click [url=]here[/url] to go to a Step By Step Tutorial (created by me) on how to setup Winamp. So firstly download Winamp from if you haven’t already got it!

When it comes to setting up the IP and PORT. It looks like something like this:
your server ip :
your server port : 0000

And the password is the Broadcasting Password you set up in the Radio Installation.

Once you are broadcasting, get a friend to go to your Sub-Domain (also created in Radio Installation) to listen to your broadcast to see if it is working.

If you have a problem, come to the Forum for help!
If all works fine, then you officially have a Radio Station online! To access the Admin page, go to http://YOURIP:PORT then click Admin, and in the Username type admin, and in the Password type your Admin Password you created in the Radio Installation.

Hope this helps 🙂
Thanks, lildjrich!