It’s very easy to Format a Harddrive, and install Windows XP….

…. If you know how!

Here’s a very brief tutorial;

  • Put in the disk
  • Restart the PC
  • When it is booting up, wait for it to say ‘Press any key to boot from disk…’, then press any key.
  • Let it load until it gets to a blue screen with something saying ‘Partitioned Space’.
  • Follow the onscreen prompt to delete the Partition.
  • Once deleted, hit Enter on the ‘Unpartitioned Space’.
  • Then hit enter on ‘Format the partition using the NTFS file system’.
  • It will then format, and start to copy the Windows Files to your harddrive, and will then also Restart
  • Now just follow the onscreen prompts that come up during installation of Windows.
  • When the Installation is finished it will Restart again, and boot up into Windows.
  • Voila, it’s done!