I watched ‘I Am Legend’ a few weeks ago, and i started to hear people talk about it more and more often as now it is becoming more popular..
Many people have been curious, and have been asking, ‘What happens?’
So, if you don’t wish to know the basics of what happens, i suggest you stop reading..

However, those of you who do, i will tell you as simply as i can.

In New York, Chemists etc, thought they found a cure to Cancer.
They used it on every patient that went to them who had Cancer..
3 Years later however, it went wrong with 1 patient, and he was infected.. Whoever he touched, got infected..

The virus/infection spreaded quickly, and because no one knew of any cure, the island was deserted, and they sealed it off by destroying the bridges that were linking them to the rest of the world.
All docks etc were closed down.

Although everyone left, but Robert Neville (Will Smith), created part of the ‘cancer cure’, and so he felt the infection was his fault, and so he stayed behind in New York, to try and cure the infection..