Open Fire Solutions

CastHost Networks, well, what is it? Never heard of it? Seriously?!?!

CastHost Networks is a great Website Service, great Websites, Website Coding, and Website Designs, all for great prices!
However, CastHost Networks isn’t the service itself! CastHost Networks, is exactly what the name says it is, it’s a Network. It’s a Network for Esquisso.Designs, and Open Fire Solutions.

Firstly, Esquisso.Designs.
Esquisso.Designs is the actual Web Service, for any Website you may be in need of, however, Open Fire Solutions is the exact same, but it provides you Website Services for Gaming Communities, and Clans etc.

So basically, Open Fire Solutions handles the Gaming Side, Esquisso.Designs handles the rest.

I work at basically both, I work at CastHost Networks, but I do more of the Gaming Side (Open Fire Solutions) rather than the Profile Pages, or Business Sites, or Communities, but if I am needed, I will help!

It’s just one big network.

Well, who runs the place? Well, pretty much me, and Filipe Sena (GoLiAs if you are from
It’s all about team work, and getting the best for our Customers.

The Portfolio
Clan-nicE – This site is from Open Fire Solutions, I both designed, and coded this website. For a Counter-Strike Source Clan.
After thought about it, I then realised that it wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Now, one or two of you might be thinking, why?
Well, tried finding the Forum? Gallery? Recent Matches? Or any website page? Hard isn’t it. Some of you might find it straight away, some of you might still be stuck and gave up. It’s the buttons, which then opens a Sub-Navigation right underneath the buttons. Jeez, that was hard to find! See what I mean, the layout should probably have been a Drop Down Menu or something. Much easier to find then!
Another thing about the Layout, it is too cramped, and there is no space to breath. I should have went with the usual design layout, although I do like it, it is not very suitable for anyone who wishes to access the site!

Gant & Naylor – I’m still currently working on this site, and because I haven’t much time, I can’t post a Screenshot, at least not yet.
With this design, I used a much simpler layout and structure, and not as many images, or dark colours.
First of all, this is not a Gaming Site, this is a Building Construction Site, so it would be from Esquisso.Designs, however this one is staying with Open Fire Solutions, simply because I mostly keep control of Open Fire Solutions, and Filipe Sena usually keeps control of Esquisso.Designs, and I felt kind of selfish about this Site, and so I kept it to myself because I put all the work into it!

I will hopefully be posting more about CastHost Networks works soon! So check back when you can!