Well, what really is the best AV?
To be honest, I really don’t know much about Anti-Virus Software, or Firewall Software. But I got asked this question a few days ago.

It just so happens, that this morning it seems I have gotten myself a Worm on my PC because of being unprotected.
This gave me a chance to go through a test what really were the best.

Firstly, I tried Spyware Search & Destroy. But, that isn’t a Worm program, because it specializes in destroying Spyware.

I then remembered another program I used to use. ZoneAlarm. So I installed that, but then realised that is only a Firewall. In fact it is a fantastic Firewall, and so if you are looking for one, then ZoneAlarm is free if you search Google!

Rumor has it, and I’m pretty sure you would agree, AVG is the best to use?
Well, I got told this over and over again, and not understanding much of it as I have always hated it. I installed it.
Firstly, it was out of date, so I had to update it, once updating, it told me the Database was out of date, so I had to update that.
Once going through all the updates, I had to go through and configure it all. I was thinking by that point ‘Jeez it’s taking so long’, but wanting to fix my PC, and answer the person’s question, I carried on.

After finally configuring, updating, and whatever else, I could finally start the Scan. After 50000 files, it had still found 0 threats. So I thought, is this actually going to work? Does AVG do what it is supposed to do? Well yeah, you’ve all seen it pick up threats on PC’s/Laptops before, but are they not threats that other software, eg. Spyware Search & Destroy, can receive?

By this point I was seriously bored.

Nearly 55000 files, and no threats found, and I was starting to think that it wasn’t going to work.
And you know what? After the whole scan, Threats : 0 …

So, what are your views on AVG?