I’ve been asked over and over again, ‘what happens in i am legend?’, i don’t like to give it away, so those of you who don’t want to know yet, i suggest you stop reading right about.. Now…

If you are still reading, then you do want to know, so i will give you the information in basic detail..

There was a scientist Robert Neville (also in the Army), in New York, who thought that he and other Scientists had created a Cure for cancer.

They gave it to every patient they had who had cancer, and all seemed well..
But 3 years later, it didn’t go right with one patient..
He lost his hair, burnt in the Sun/Light, and had no typical life sense of a human..

Anyone he touched, got infected too..

The infection spreaded so fast, that eventually around about a quarter of New York was infected, and New York had to be sealed off.. (Destroying Bridges/Docks etc).. After everyone not infected was moved out of course..

Although, Robert Neville (Will Smith) stayed behind, has he saw it has his fault, and wasn’t leaving New York until he found the cure…

He had plenty of food supply, plenty of electricity, safety and security walls in his house, and a dog…

His dog was called Samantha, and because he had been living with Samantha for quite a long time, they became bonded to one another, and understood each other easily..

Anyway.. Throughout the film, you basically see Robert finding all these Animals that were infected too, to do research and cure them… Because he was losing his head a little bit, one night he’d seen a Plastic Person (like those that you see in a clothes shop), and he started shouting at him, saying things like ‘What are you doing out here’, even though Robert put him there..

He shot the Plastic Person, until it fell over, he then walked up to it.. Although, walking up to it, he stood on a puddle, and walked into one of his own traps, and got stuck there until night.. By this time (if you are watching it), you will know, thats when the infected humans come out, because there is no light..
Robert managed to get off the trap, but he had to use a Knife to do so, and once he fell off the trap, the knife stabbed him in the leg, and so he couldn’t walk properly..

The infected humans also had infected dogs, so they set 3 dogs out on Robert and Samantha..
Robert just got to his car as soon as the dogs got to him, and shot 1 of the dogs, thats 2 left..
Samantha was fighting another one, as soon as Robert then shot yet another dog..
Because all this biting into Samantha, she was soon to of course be infected, once Robert had shot the last dog, he took her to his lab, and sat there with her..
But he then saw the same symptoms the humans had, the eyes, the hair/fur, and the teeth, all the same..
Samantha was going made to kill Robert, so Robert had no choice but to kill her..

Like i said, Samantha and Robert had become attached and so he was angry when (basically) the infected humans killed her…

He went out at night with bright lights on top of his car, hoping to either be killed or kill the infected humans, but unfortunately things didn’t go his way, and he was in trouble..
It just so happens, that went to some Docks each day, to play a Radio Message, saying he has shelter, food, and security and safety, and a Women heard it, and managed to save Robert from getting killed by the infected humans, and took him to his secured home..

That night, the infected humans followed them to Roberts home to find out where they were staying at, and the next night, they attacked…

The secured walls were no match for the infected humans, and Robert, the women (sorry i don’t know her name), and the womens child (don’t know his name either), eventually got cornered in the Lab, with some glass the infected humans couldn’t get through…

That’s until the main infected host came along, he was bashing his head on the glass, and he wasn’t going to stop..
At the beginning of the film, Robert had already seen his wife and child die, and he didn’t want this to happen to the Women and her child, so he told them to lock themselves in a safe, gave them the cure he finally had (they figured that out just before the main host came), and told them to not come out until mid-day..

What was Robert to do at this point? He had a Grenade in his top draw in his desk, he killed himself, and the infected humans that were there, and the main host…

The Women was talking about this ‘Survivors Colony’, which Robert didn’t believe in, she went there with her child and the antidote to the infection, of course then, cured the whole infection to the rest of the animals and infected humans..

Okay, so you’ve read what basically happens, and may want to watch it.. But depending on how good you think this Film will be, you may find it’s not as good as you thought it would be..

At first, i thought it was going to be an extra-ordinary film, but then realized, it’s not so good as i thought it would be, but i still think it’s a fantastic film, and I’m glad i watched it!