Open up Virtual DJ if you haven’t already.
And click the ‘REC’ button.
Select ‘BROADCAST’, and then click Config, a new window should then appear.
If you have Turntables plugged into your computer, select Line IN from the ‘Record from’ section, and then select your Turntables.
If you want to play from the Virtual DJ playlist, select Master, and if you want to play from the Virtual DJ playlist and your Mic, select Master + MIC.

Now look at the Format section.
Is your Radio Station an Icecast or a SHOUTcast radio?
Select appropriate.
Leave the Encoder to what it’s already set at, and set the Bitrate to whatever suits you. (Average is 64 Kbs, as many people would get buffer from higher).

Now look at the Server section.
Are you running the Radio from your own computer?
Or are you broadcasting to an online Server?
Select appropriate.
If you are running it from your own computer, select the max amount of listeners you would like, be aware that the more you get, the more bandwith it uses.
If you are broadcasting to an online Server, fill in the information..
Server – Your radio server IP/Domain
Port – Your radio server Port
Name – Radio Name
Password – Your radio password
Genre – Your radio Genre
Hit OK.
You can now press ‘START RECORDING’, voila, you are broadcasting live to your Radio Station!