It really does bug me when i get asked the same thing over and over again..
There’s this Radio Forum i go on, I’m a Forum Moderator there, and all the time, we are getting asked ‘how do i set up SAM Broadcaster?’..
Okay, well here is the answer once and for all..

Go to Desktop B, and where it says Statistic Relays, press +, then press the button for Shoutcast statistic relay..
Fill the forms in, Host – IP, Port – Port, Password – Password..
(Check ur Preferences given by L2MR if you forgot those)..

Now press OK..

Now, on the Encoders part, press +, then press the button for MP3 (Normal)..
Change the format for the Quality and speed you would like.. (Default is 64kb/s)..
Click on Server Details, Once again put in ur IP, Port and Password given..
And then fill in your Station Name, Genre, etc..
You do NOT have to fill in Genre, Website URL, AIM, ICQ #, or IRC Channel, leave those as default if you like!! (They are just there for the Shoutcast Website Stats.. If you dont want it to be seen on the Shoutcast website un-check the ‘List on public station listing’ box!!

Then once you have done that, press OK..

OK, now in the Encoders box, press the Play button!
(Highlight the Encoder if you cannot press the play button)..

Now go back to Desktop A.. See the box called Queue? No? Keep looking, ok so now you have, great job, click on the Green + button to insert music, browse through your files until you find them..
To do it quicker, highlight all the music you want in, then press Open Wink

OR, just go to where your Music is at, and drag it all into that box..
Double click a song (Or drag it into Deck A/B)..
Voila! You are now Broadcasting LIVE on your Radio Station!

I hope this helps…Wink