Hello there, and thank you for viewing my Blog!
This blog is new, and i hope it becomes popular, because it will basically be a FAQ Website..
Although, everything i explain, will be in great depths.. I got this idea on Friday 4th January 2008, at around about 9:30pm (GMT), and signed up to Blogger.com to start myself off..

There is only one problem with me creating this blog, it’s competition..
As I’m sure most of you are aware, that there are millions of Blogs like this one, that do exactly the same thing..

But, there is something that every single blog is missing, i don’t quite know what that is, but I’m hoping i will find it out, and will be able to give it to you, or help you get what ever it may be..

Thank you for visiting my blog, and i do hope you will visit me regularly here for updates of random things that people want to know..

But before i say good-bye.. I’d like to say, that if anyone needs to know how to do something, or where to get something, please email me at gomon@hotmail.co.uk, simply asking for that information, and i will post it on this blog for everyone, including you, to see!

Thanks again!