With all these ‘Set up Winamp, SAM Broadcaster, Virtual DJ’ tutorials, i have been asked many times ‘where can i get a free radio station?’..

It just so happens, i am a Moderator at a Forum for a Free Radio Service, called listen2myradio.
Listen2MyRadio, will soon be changing to a different site, with a different name, in a few days time, for now however, it is still free, and always will be.

It is free, so, it’s not profitable, and to keep the Radio Servers running, l2mr (listen2myradio) will need some way to make profit to keep it all running.
To do that, l2mr also have a Premium service, and ads on the free Radio’s.
The free service users get a Sub-Domain page with your Radio Player on it, and also the ads, this means, if you receive a free Radio, you cannot embed your Radio Player into your website, only a link, else you would be removing the ads, therefore no one would be able to click them, so no profit would be made.

However, a Premium Service, you receive no Sub-Domain, only the IP, Port, and Password of your Radio, and you can, or i should say have to, embed it into your web page.

To visit the L2MR website, click here.