Rumor has it, XBOX 360 Live and maybe XBOX Live too, are soon going to be free..
No one really knows if this is true or not, but for now, you want to know how to get it for free right?

It’s really easy..
Create a new gamer tag, and when it comes to choosing what xbox live to choose, select the free Silver, and then it will ask you ‘Are you sure you want an Xbox Live Silver Membership, or do you want an Xbox Live Gold Membership and experience games the way they should be played?’, select Keep Silver, yes thats right, Keep Silver, it will then tell you ‘You are eligible for a 1 month free Xbox Live Gold Membership’, whey thats cool, click Continue, and you now have a FREE Gold Membership..

There’s only 2 problems with this..
1, it only lasts 30 days, then you have to create another new Gamertag.
2, if you do it a lot of times, Microsoft will eventually figure out what you are doing.